The brand new Aldi store on 54 is scheduled to open Nov 6th. If you’ve never been to an Aldi, here’s what you can expect:

According to the website, Aldi is all about “incredibly high quality at impossibly low prices.” To keep their costs as low as possible, they have a few techniques. 1) They keep all their carts at one place so they don’t spend time or manpower chasing carts. You pay a quarter to use the cart, shop, then get your quarter back when you return the cart. 2) There are no bags. Bring your own. 3) Aldi only accepts cash, debit or EBT to avoid credit card fees. 4) Smaller inventory: Aldi only carries 1,400 items (vs. 30,000 items at the typical supermarket) which also allows for smaller buildings. Again, less overhead. 5) Aldi is only open during the prime shopping hours. Staying open later would mean more labor costs.

Aldi also boasts its “switch and save” incentive, which claims that switching from national name brand items to Aldi brand items can save you up to 50% on your grocery bill.

You’re not going to find loyalty cards at Aldi (they believe “loyalty shouldn’t require a card”), but they do offer services such as online photo processing, weekly specials, an app, and recipes.

See for yourself during the grand opening Thursday, November 6th starting at 9am.