A boil water advisory for the city of Owensboro has been issued. Please conserve water as much as possible until further notice. We will keep you updated with as much information as possible.

All Owensboro Public Schools will dismiss early due to the city-wide OMU water problem. Car riders are currently leaving from all school levels and buses have begun transporting Owensboro High School students. Elementary schools will be bussed next and then the middle school.

DCPS Schools are also dismissing early – Elementary schools dismissed at 12:30 p.m. Middle and high schools dismissed at 1:30 p.m. due to OMU water line break. NO AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAMS.

In addition, due to a water main leak, OMU will be closing 4th Street from Wing Avenue to West Highland Court immediately. Please avoid this area if possible and use an alternate route.

According to the OMU Facebook page, a water line break at OMU’s main water plant has resulted in a drop in pressure for the City of Owensboro and surrounding water districts. Crews have isolated the break and have transitioned to providing water from the Cavin Treatment Plant.

A Boil Water Notice has been issued. Customers should bring water to a rolling boil for three minutes prior to consuming.

The City of Owensboro is taking all necessary actions from our contingency plans to ensure adequate water supply and alternative water supplies are available to fight fires. Businesses and homes can rest assured that they will be able to carry out those capabilities.

To reduce excess concerns with open fires, all fires are banned in the community at this time.

All outdoor restrooms and drinking fountains at our city parks will be closed for the remainder of the boil water notice. Concessions at parks facilities will be limited.

Please continue to conserve water use by reducing your usage for unnecessary tasks.

UPDATE (11/30/17 @ 5pm):

Due to the continued OMU city-wide boil advisory, all OPS schools are closed Friday, Dec. 1.

Daviess County Public Schools are CLOSED Friday, Dec. 1. An announcement about evening activities will be made as early as possible on Friday.

12/1/17 Water System Update from OMU:

Who is included in the boil water notice?
Please note that the boil water notice is in effect for all residents of Daviess County. OMU’s water system experienced a main break this morning resulting in a loss in pressure, requiring the boil water notice. OMU provides water to Daviess County’s three water districts and therefore the notice extended to their customers as well, such as the Whitesville water system.

A common question regarding the notice is “Can we shower?” Yes, you can. The boil water notice includes only water you will consume (drinking or using in cooking). Please note that dishes can be washed using boiling water or by using the hottest setting on your dishwasher.

OMU has issued a request for conservation. You may be wondering how you can conserve water.
You can reduce water usage by only using it when necessary, avoiding things like washing your car or doing multiple loads of laundry.

How long will this boil water advisory be in effect?
There is not a timeline at this point, as crews continue to work to repair the break. However, OMU does anticipate the order to extend through the weekend. After the leak is repaired, the OMU system will require a flushing using water hydrants. Testing of the water throughout the system will follow and results provided to the State Department of Water. Upon approval by the state, the order will be lifted.

OMU appreciates your patience and support. Thanks also goes out to the OMU crews that worked throughout the night.

Posted to OMU Facebook page at 9am on 12/1/17:

Around 10:15 a.m. on Thursday, November 30, OMU experienced a failure of a 20-inch water main that provides treated water to the OMU water distribution system. The main break resulted in part of the OMU water distribution system draining and causing loss of pressure at some points in the OMU system.

OMU personnel was able to quickly isolate the leak from the distribution system and stabilize system water pressure. The drop in pressure resulted in OMU issuing a required Boil Water Notice to all of its customers.

Upon the detection of the leak, OMU increased production at the Cavin Plant to maximum levels and shut down Plant A. OMU immediately notified its wholesale customers (water districts and water associations) and other critical customers of the Boil Water Notice to request voluntary conservation measures. OMU also notified the local fire department, emergency management, and city officials of the situation. In addition, public notification was made through media sources and social media.

OMU personnel, with contractor support, worked through the night Thursday was able to bring the impacted water production facilities back to service early Friday morning and restored all water tank inventories rapidly. Flushing of the OMU distribution system is underway and is expected to be completed later today.

Upon completion of the system flushing, samples will be taken throughout the system in compliance with applicable regulations. At this time, it is estimated that the Boil Water Notice may be lifted Sunday morning.

During the flushing of the system, customers may notice air or sediment in their lines. Please run water until those lines are clear of air and sediment.

Posted to OMU Facebook page at 11am on 12/1/17:

Updated Information:

Many rumors are flying about the water boil notice and broken water main. Let’s address a few of those.

-Some have asked if a sewer line or sewage came into contact with OMU’s water. This is completely untrue. The water was not contaminated with sewage. The boil water notice was issued due to a drop in pressure resulting from the main break.

-Some have asked if OMU has enough tools to complete the system flushing. OMU routinely flushes its system as part of maintaining it. We have ample tools to flush our system. In addition, employees are trained and ready to conduct a flushing. Water crews are working with OMU electric crews and the Owensboro Fire Department to make quick work of the flushing process.

-Who was affected? OMU provides water to the three districts that serve Daviess County and some surrounding areas. When an event such as this lowers pressure, it affects all OMU customers, including the water districts. We work closely with the districts to address this and working as a team with them to notify and inform customers.

-Is the water contaminated? Whenever an event like this occurs, there is a potential for contamination, therefore a boil water notice is issued. This is not because a contaminant has necessarily been identified, but because the potential exists. It is important to OMU to provide ample and safe water, and this order ensures just that.