The City of Owensboro announced a new event at this year’s International Barbecue Festival: the “World Mutton Slider Eating Contest” powered by Kentucky Legend (SFG).

But this is not to be confused with the Mutton Glutton event.

According to City Events Director, Tim Ross, 10 to 12 competitive eaters will see how many mutton slider sandwiches they can eat in ten minutes to be hailed the first World Mutton Slider Eating Contest winner.

Joey Chestnut will be one of the competitors. Joey holds the following world records:

  • Deep fried asparagus – 12.8 lbs in 10 mins
  • Pork ribs – 13.76 pounds in 12 mins
  • Steak – 4.5 pounds in 8 min 52 secs
  • Hot dogs – 72 in 10 mins
  • Matzoh balls – 78 in 8 mins
  • Bratwurst – 70 in 10 mins
  • Hard boiled eggs – 141 in 8 mins

Ross says the competitive eaters are projected to average around a pound of mutton sliders per minute. In preparation, the BBQ Festival has ordered 140 lbs of mutton for the event.

The public is welcome to watch the World Mutton Eating Contest, which will take place at 2 p.m. Saturday, May 13, 2017, at McConnell Plaza in downtown Owensboro.