Sixteen local businesses contributed goods and services for a prize package totaling over $50,000.

KeeForce announced Dalishas Desserts as the 2017 recipient of the 2nd annual Owensboro Extreme Business Makeover.

Sixteen local businesses contributed goods and services to the winning business for a prize package totaling over $50,000.

Dalishas Desserts started seven years ago when owner Alisha Hardison began making wedding cakes our of her home. Three years ago, Hardison opened a dine-in bakery and lunch/dessert cafe inside the Centre for Business and Research at 1010 Allen Street.

“This will take us to the next level,” Hardison said while accepting the award. “It’s been wonderful to live in a city with so many people who are supportive of small businesses.” Hardison also tearfully thanked her “hardworking staff who give all of themselves every day.”

The other two finalists were Musick Studios and Smith Hearing Center.

What impact does an Extreme Business Makeover have on a business?

Gordy Wilcher, owner of Owensboro Music Center, says winning the 2016 Extreme Business Makeover was “quite a thrill” that provided great exposure and allowed the store to hire extra part-time help and increase its inventory. “It also helped us rethink our marketing,” Wilcher said. “We were certainly surprised to win. We still have people asking us about it. Overall, it was a really good experience.”