A group of Owensboro Public Schools teachers have created a one-of-a-kind professional learning program for OPS teachers called DRIVE OPS.

DRIVE stands for Developing Relationships and Inspiring Visionary Educators.

The goal is to create a fellowship of teachers who inspire and empower others to improve teaching and learning in their schools.

“One of the long-range goals we wanted to see in OPS was the strengthening of collaboration and networking with peers that started from the grassroots.  We couldn’t be more proud and excited for this group to begin its work and literally DRIVE us into what’s next for teaching and learning at OPS,” said Dr. Nick Brake, OPS Superintendent.

The program was formed as a result of a group of teachers who are currently in a Western Kentucky University cohort where they’re earning their Rank I Principal certification.  They identified a need for OPS to offer a unique program where teachers could come together and develop the best teaching practices for students.

“When you’re in different buildings teaching at different levels, it can be hard to share your best ideas with teachers from other schools.  DRIVE OPS will help solve that challenge.  It will create opportunities for teachers to better master their craft,” said Krista Thompson, Sutton Elementary Teacher and WKU cohort member.

In order to be accepted into the DRIVE OPS program, teachers had to go through an application process that included getting a recommendation from one of their supervisors and explaining what DRIVE means to them.  Below is the list of the inaugural drive class:

  • Amy Bellamy – OMS-N
  • Beth Blandford – Foust
  • Emily Brown – Cravens
  • Lauren Coomes – Estes
  • Holly Davis – Estes
  • Beth Ewing – OHS
  • Alaina Gant – OHS
  • Ann-Michael Hamilton – Cravens
  • Faith Harralson – Estes
  • Tiffany Hoffman – Sutton
  • Jamie Holeman – Foust
  • Ashlie Hurley – Foust
  • Peter Hurley – Foust
  • Christa Huskisson – Estes
  • Jennnifer Jones – Foust
  • Christine Lancaster – Estes
  • Alecia Meyer- OMS-N/S
  • Meghan Payne – OMS-S
  • Monica Rice – OHS/District
  • Jon Richard – OIA
  • Sarah Sullivan – OMS-N
  • Krista Thompson – Sutton
  • Carrie Wedding – OMS-S
  • Linzie Wells – OHS
  • Jean Wilson – OHS
  • Melissa Wilson – Gateway