Aaron Kizer is making final preparations for his “Self Portrait – Life on Canvas” show, which will be at the Owensboro Convention Center next Friday night.

Those who have seen Kizer’s speed painting performance art shows in the past will notice this one is much different than any of his previous shows.

And to be honest, Aaron sounded a little unnerved about the show when he called Owensboro Living for this interview.

The reason for that is because this time he has cut all the safety nets, so to speak. He says the idea behind this whole night is to push himself to perform at a new level.

Not only will he be the sole name on the bill; Kizer will be alone on stage and taking some time to explain the inspiration behind each painting. As a result, Aaron will depend solely on his own talent and the presentation of his art.

In the past, there has always been someone else on the bill for Kizer’s performance art shows. Deep down, he says part of the reason – even if a bit subconsciously – was to take some of the spotlight off himself. “Really, it was a lack of confidence in myself. The other artists with me sort of served as a safety net in a way because I knew if I bombed the other person could pick up my slack. This time – I’m up there all by myself. There’s no one to cover for me.”

Hence the title: Self Portrait. Which is not to be taken literally.

Kizer will not be painting a portrait of himself. What he will be doing is painting several pieces he has done in the past but with slight variations. “I’ll be performing some of the most important paintings in my career,” Aaron explained. “I’ll paint some that are more popular with fans, but I’ll also be doing some of the ones that mean the most to me.”

The subtitle, Life on Canvas, alludes to the bigger story that will be told throughout the evening. Even though some of the live paintings will be repeats, this performance will be unique because Aaron will be explaining the paintings as he goes and sharing the stories behind the paintings.

Kizer says public speaking used to make him very anxious. With this show, he decided to push himself. “This is really more about life for me than it is painting. I need this event for myself.”

That’s why this show will be unlike any other show Kizer has ever done. He’ll be putting his heart– as much as his art – out there for everyone to see, all the while sharing the inspiration and stories behind his favorite pieces, which is completely out of his comfort zone.

It’s a bold move.

Then again, painting live in front of people used to be out of his comfort level in the beginning.

So Friday night is really about overcoming some fear and stretching himself. “For me, it’s about being who I am, and getting better at it. It’s about finding out what I can do if I really try,” Kizer says.

Self Portrait- Life on Canvas is scheduled for Friday, March 24, 2017, at the Owensboro Convention Center. Doors open at 7:30 p.m. Performance begins at 8 p.m.

Tickets are $20 and are available at kizerarts.com.

The event is sponsored by The Wilkins Agency, an Erie Insurance provider for auto, home, and life insurance.  The Wilkins Agency sponsorship means that money no longer has to be a barrier for someone. “I never want the $20 to hinder anyone from coming to the show. If it’s a problem, email us and we’ll send you tickets. It’s not about making money here in Owensboro. These shows are about being with friends and family and fans.”