A new unit designed to speed up and simplify patient admissions is now open at Owensboro Health Regional Hospital.

The Express Admit Unit (EAU) is meant to simplify the admitting process for patients coming from the hospital’s Emergency Department or those being directly admitted by healthcare providers, said Joni Sims, RN, director of nursing at Owensboro Health Regional Hospital.

“It’s all about reducing wait time for patients,” Sims said.

Traditionally, the admission process can sometimes take one to two hours, depending on a patient’s needs, and can include a medical assessment and gathering of the patient’s history, review of the patient’s medications, collection of specimens for lab tests, educating patients on their room and its features, and more.

But with the EAU, a patient’s stay begins in a private room while staff takes care of paperwork and begins treatment. Rather than waiting in the Emergency Department or in a lobby waiting room, the patient comes to a private patient care room.

Debbie Bostic, RN, chief operating officer for Owensboro Health Regional Hospital and chief nursing officer for the health system said express admit units are associated with reduced overall length of stay and improved patient outcomes and satisfaction.

“Our goal is to improve the care and experience for patients, and also to improve the way the system works for staff,” Bostic said. “We see an opportunity to do even more for patients and staff, and we’ll always be pursuing those kinds of enhancements in the care and services we deliver.”

While in the EAU, patients can expect:

  • An introduction to hospital services and amenities
  • To start tests and treatments
  • A review of medications
  • To collaborate with the care team
  • To prepare for transfer to another unit

The number for Express Admit is 270-417-2700.